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Jimmy Rod’s Barbershop

Trading Hours

Monday: 8:30am-6pm

Tuesday: 8:30am-6pm

Wednesday: 8:30am-6pm

Thursday: 8:30am-6pm

Friday: 8:30am-6pm

Saturday & Sunday: CLOSED

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Jimmy Rod’s Barbershop

The Jimmy Rod’s Barbershops aren’t just places to get a cut and shave, they are a modern-day oasis of authentic masculinity, camaraderie, and style. Back in 2003, Jimmy Rod started the first shop in his chain of barbershops where men could come in to get a slick haircut and sharps sides. But he also wanted to create a place where men could relax, socialise, exchange jokes and chill out. Bringing expert skills and traditional barbershop values back to the forefront, Jimm Rod has provided a service that men didn’t realise they had been missing.

The man behind the brand is Jimmy Rod himself, a guy who discovered his passion for barbering and just went for it. Fast forward 17 years and you can see the results of his self-belief and hardworking ethics – 11 barbershops, a team of talented barbers, and a name that is beginning to become synonymous with style and swag. Add to that, he has inspired loyalty in customers that is rarely seen today.

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