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As a brand that’s been built on the feedback of the people we are constantly developing both products and content that are reflective of this, we’re not reactive, we’re here to withstand time and trends.


KING BROWN POMADE was started in mid 2013 and what followed was 15 months of brand concept, design and sampling. 34 samples, countless days of testing and recording results we signed off on what would be our first release product ORIGINAL POMADE, a traditional oil based product that would be our brand defining legacy. With a briefcase containing a single sample of the product, a scent sample, empty strike off sample of our tin and an image of our first marketing concept we hit road around Australia selling our story and dream to 50 of the countries best barbershops and we were both proud and fortunate to have 48 of those shops pre purchase the product for our September 2014 release.

It was obvious from the first release that people really took to the brand but at this point we were a 1 trick pony and needed to offer our barbers and consumers more, another year of development passed and the release of our long awaited water based PREMIUM POMADE happened in September 2015. Now having a product in each of the 2 main categories of the time we had also been working on product development beyond the slick high shine styles currently in trend. Specifically more matte and natural look hair styles and products that would be complementary to this. For most of 2015 we got heavily into observing fashion trends primarily within Europe and we saw a huge styling shift that was exactly down the route of matte products we had been developing, this allowed us to shorten the previous 12 month gap between product release and our MATTE POMADE launched to market in December 2015.



Now with 3 products in the line our focus shifted slightly from product expansion to growing our stockists and getting on the ground putting a face to our brand and our barber partners. In doing this and coupled with the rise of social media the brand quickly expanded both within AUS and in to NZ, Indonesia, Europe and a number of places in between.

December 2016 we released our lightest weight product CREAM POMADE, which would compliment the previously released matte pomade and offer yet another ‘natural look’ product for a rising style trend in the marketplace.

Whilst always working on product development we again dedicated the majority of our time for the next 12 months travelling both domestically and abroad attending expos, visiting barbershops and setting up distribution networks in Europe, US and Canada. We estimated that between Dan and I we had visited some 450+ barbershops globally over the 2017-2018 period.

March 2018 saw the release of a slightly different look for our line in the GROOMING SPRAY. Originally developed on request of barbers for use when styling in store this really lightweight product was assumed to not do the volume precedent set by the previous 4 products, for a very short time this was the case but again due to the diversity of this product it quickly became must have for both barbers and consumers alike.

Now with 5 styling products in the market there was 1 obvious element missing from our offering in we did not have a heavy hold product for those who like to set their style and forget. With development beginning in the Australian summer of 2017 we rigorously tested formula after formula of what is now our heat and humidity resilient PASTE POMADE which was launched in November 2018.


2019- Present

With our product range now covering bases from light to heavy hold our focus shifted slightly from product development to distribution and increasing global brand awareness. The Northern Hemisphere quickly became a focus for the brand due to the amount of interest particularly coming out of the UK and Europe off the back of our showing at the larger trade shows there the year prior. USA and Canada distribution would soon follow coupled by educational road shows with KB ambassadors Jen Winters and Jasmine Kathleen. Despite the global pandemic 2020 has again been a strong year for KB but like all business we are refocusing and re-strategizing to ensure a healthy strong long term brand that continues to deliver premium quality products and consumer engagement. Stay tuned for 2021 and beyond!

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