5 Reasons To Sell Hair Products In Your Barbershop

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5 Reasons To Sell Hair Products In Your Barbershop

We sat down with Head Educator Pavlos Hadjisoteris from London School of Barbering to get his top 5 tips on why he thinks selling products in your barbershop is essential. Pavlos has worked in hair for nearly fifteen years and knows his stuff when it comes to selling hair products for men.

We all know that giving your customer a top class haircut is the bread and butter of any barbershop business and will determine the popularity of your brand; however there are many other factors that can contribute to your barbershop being a big hit. Selling hair products in your barbershop has a lot of benefits and perhaps it is something that you haven’t quite delved too deep into thinking about.

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Recreating The Hairstyle At Home

Giving your client the reassurance that they can recreate the hairstyle you have given them at home is a big bonus. Men will want to have the flexibility to recreate the finished style you have given them every day and show it off, especially when they are really happy with the cut and style you have given them. So by selling them hair products you have used, it gives them confidence and the opportunity to recreate the style you have given them at home without having to take a trip to the barbershop ever day.

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Versatility Of Hairstyles At Home

When you sell different hair products at your barbershop, it means that you give your client the flexibility to create more than just one hairstyle look at home. Your client may be looking for a day and night type of haircut to fit in with their lifestyle.

By offering them a range of products and advice, it means you have given them the confidence that they can maintain different hairstyles at home. They will appreciate your professional expertise .

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Understanding Your Clients Needs

When you sell hair products at your barbershop, you can almost feel like you’re a product prescriber – prescribing the best hair products to suit your client’s hair condition and lifestyle. The best approach to learning more about your client’s hair habits is by asking them questions at the start, before you start cutting their hair like: ‘how do you style your hair?’, ‘are you having any trouble with styling your hair at the moment?’ and ‘what products are you currently using?’.

Once your client can answer questions like these, it will enable you to go one step further than just cutting their barnet; it will enable you to give them expert tips on products to use and the application process for better styled and healthier hair.

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Hair Product Demonstration

Another great reason for selling hair products in your barbershop is the customer satisfaction and trust it instils in your clients. The difference between buying hair products from a barbershop compared to a retailer or online, is the helpful demonstration your client receives with their purchase in a barbershop environment.

Understanding the application of the hair product is crucial and this is where you step in as a professional barber. Many guys are not quite sure on how to use certain hair products, so when you are able to give them expert advice and physically show them how to apply the product, your client is going to leave confident and happy with their purchase.

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Client Retention & Trust

If you are able to provide exceptional product knowledge and sell your client the right product, you have created trust and this will encourage client retention. Being highly knowledgeable in hair products is like an additional service, along with providing a super sharp, quality haircut.

It is really important to have an understanding of the hair products you are selling and listen carefully during your client consultation, as you don’t want to make the mistake of selling your client the wrong product. Doing so can run the risk of ruining your reputation as a knowledgeable and professional barber, while it could make you look like you are only trying to sell hair products for money making purposes.

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