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Ti Dan Biskin@2x


Born in the late 70s in Sydney but raised in Palm Beach Qld, from the age of 12 I spent my teenage years playing footy and chasing surf.

After realising that my enthusiasm for surfing was not going to pay the bills I decided to follow the footsteps of my father Dave and become a Sales and Marketing Executive when I was 19. Little did I know that this meant driving a clapped out Econovan selling surfing and fishing accessories around Australia. After many years selling a multitude of products including everything from tee shirts to fishing lures I started my own fashion and marketing agency in my early 20s representing some household names in fashion and action sports.

After 20 years of Marketing and developing other brands, I always planned to use my knowledge and experience to develop a product and brand. Hair and fashion go hand in hand. My wife Belinda has been a senior stylist for many years and I have always been interested in how powerful a hairstyle is. The way it makes people feel better about themselves, the way it defines a space in time and the way it reflects a persons personality.

Daen and I have been mates for years and have followed a similar career paths. When we caught up in 2012 for a chat about developing a hair styling product we both lit up like Christmas trees at the possibilities. Little did we know how much work was involved to get King Brown off the ground. I felt like I was back in the Econovan with a street map and a phone book and I loved it and still do. Some said to me if you enjoy the process you will enjoy the proceeds. I live by that rule.

Ti Daen Brown@2x


Port Macquarie born my father at the time was sales executive for the largest tobacco manufacturer and distributor in Australia which saw our family live in Taree, Gold Coast, Papua New Guinea and Logan before finally settling back on the GC in 91′.

Much like Dan I was obsessed with surfing and everything about it, my year 10 work experience was done at Quiksilver in Sydney, first real job was with the Brothers Neilsen Surf Stores and eventually going on to become the QLD/Nth NSW sales rep for Rusty Surfboards and Clothing for 9 years before up rooting with my now wife and moving to Fukushima, Japan for what was meant to be a 2 year adventure. Our time in Japan was cut short by a job offer back in Sydney to work for DC Shoes and 2 years after that I took on the National Sales role for Insight Clothing.

My time at Insight became the major influence in my evolution into the ‘hair game’ with Sydney’s fast fashion and cross marketing/sales opportunity with another major pomade label I’ve now been intrenched within the barbering scene since 2009. The birth of our first daughter prompted us to leave Sydney and return back to the GC in 2011 to be closer to family.

Since we’ve had a 2nd daughter, started a successful business with childhood friends, we get to travel the country and globe selling our dream and I’m still surfing a lot. Going to work on this brand is not a job, it’s become our lifestyle and passion.

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